How The 'ONE' Will Be Chosen?

Each Month, One Writer Among You Will Earn The Content Spartan Badge!


Your Total Obtained Marks Throughout The Month

By this time you should know, our proofreader is evaluating each of your content and marking it thoroughly out of 25. You’ll see how much each of your content has scored in your designated sheet that has already been delivered to you. 

For all of the contents that you have delivered throughout the month, your total obtained mark will be averaged out and taken into consideration for the ‘Content Spartan’ badge. 

As you might have guessed, the higher number you score, the higher possibility there is of you becoming the next Content Spartan.  


Your Word Flow Per Day

I’ll also consider your word flow per day. Here’s how it will go:

Suppose, during the month of March, you have delivered total 50,000 words. 

So, on average, your word flow per day will be (50000/31) = 1600 words.

For every 100 word flow per day, I’ll add 1 point. So, for 1600 word flow per day, you’ll get 16 point.

This point will be taken into consideration for the ‘Content Spartan’ badge.

So, the more words you can deliver, the higher chances there will be of you becoming the Content Spartan!


Total Cumulative Score

This step is easy. I’ll just take your score from #1 & #2 and add those. The one with the highest score will become the ‘Content Spartan’ for the next month. 

Suppose, you’ve scored highest for the month of March. Then, you’ll be the Content Spartan throughout April. 


1000/- Gift From Me

Well, there is nothing to explain. The Content Spartan will receive 1000/- as a gift in his/her bKash.


Your favorite picture will be adorned with the gorgeous "Content Spartan" badge to show off in Facebook 😉