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Our Writing Process

Step 1


First, you’ll deliver us the keywords.

Step 2


The writer will start researching on the keywords.

Step 3


Writing will get started at this stage.

Step 4


The article will be checked with CopyScape

Step 5


We ensure zero grammatical error through Grammarly

Step 6


After the article passes all checks, we’ll deliver it to you!

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5-Minute Content Order Plan

1. Prepare a file with your chosen keywords and how many words you want to be written for each keyword. 

2. If you have any special format or requirements, include them in the file too!

3. Visit our order page to place an order.

4. You can also knock me on Facebook and share the file there. This is my profile:

5. We’ll review your file and ask you to complete the payment. 

6. We’ll start your order as soon as you complete the payment. 

Our ‘No Tension’ Guarantee

1. All our content is manually written by ‘Cream of the Crop’ writers

2. Our content is not AI or Automatically Generated

3. We check each and every content with Copyscape to ensure they are 100% plagiarism-free

4. We check the content with Grammarly to make sure no tiny grammatical errors are passing by 

5. Our contents are delivered ‘Properly Formatted’, meaning you can publish them straight away!

6. 100% SEO optimized content. 



Less Than 5000 Words

  • Every 1000 word costs 1500/-
  • Properly formatted article
  • Checked through CopyScpae
  • Checked through Grammarly
  • Delivery 2-3 days

* 2.5% Payment Gateway Charge will be added unless you pay directly to our bank account.


5000 Words to 20,000 Words

  • Every 1000 word costs 1350/-
  • Properly formatted article
  • Checked through CopyScpae
  • Checked through Grammarly
  • Delivery 2-3 days

* 2.5% Payment Gateway Charge will be added unless you pay directly to our bank account.


20,000 Words or More

  • Every 1000 word costs 1200/-
  • Properly formatted article
  • Checked through CopyScpae
  • Checked through Grammarly
  • Delivery 2-3 days

* 2.5% Payment Gateway Charge will be added unless you pay directly to our bank account.

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These days, a few SEO Tools have gained much popularity (Yoast, Surfer SEO, Frase, etc.). However, we don’t follow any of these tools to write content. We believe it’s not possible to write in a natural tone by following these robotic tools. Not only us, many renowned international bloggers also agree to this. That’s why, we don’t optimize the content according to any SEO Tool. We follow natural SEO techniques that have been proven to work again & again! 


This is long pending review. I have been using the service of Writers Motion for more than a year now. And I am very much satisfied with the quality. The best thing is they understand the requirement and deliver accordingly. Day by day the quality has improved a lot (with the fees as well ). Can’t complain though!

Risalat Bari

Digital Marketer

Really satisfied .. I think Writers Motion is one of the best content writing service providers. They deliver content in a very short time with great quality. Always surprised to see the quality of their content. Every time got the quality better than expected.. Highly recommended


Ahnaf Abid Zaman

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Writers Motion is simply awesome. The content quality and service are great. They are so helpful too. Best wishes for the Writers Motion.

Lubna Afrin

Digital Marketer

Lubna Afrin
rahul ray

One of the best writing agency in Bangladesh, Love their rich content and timely delivery & easy to read. They follow a proper method to rank faster and more organic keywords get ranked additionally except LSI. They know how to grow your business. I have been a fan of their service.


Rahul Ray

WordPress Theme & Plugin developer

For working in digital marketing world, I have taken content from huge agency. But Within Exact deadline I get well researched quality content from writersmotion. The main charecterictics of writersmotion is that they do the on page seo naturally when they write content.

M M Rashed


m m rashed

গ্রুপের সবাইকে শুভেচ্ছা। ছোট একটা অভিজ্ঞতা শেয়ার করব। এফিলিয়েট শুরু করেছি অল্প কিছুদিন হল। এখনো অনেক কিছু বুঝার বাকি। শুরুতে অনেক প্রতিবন্ধকতা থাকে। নতুনদের যে সমস্যা টা হয় তা হল আর্টিকেল/কনটেন্ট নিয়ে। কোথা থেকে অর্ডার দিব বা আর্টিকেল এর কোয়ালিটি কেমন হবে বা সময় মত পাব কিনা বা আর্টিকেল স্ট্রাকচার SEO Friendly হবে কিনা এই সব। এক বড় ভাই এর মাধ্যমে রাইটার্স মোশন ( এর খোজ পেলাম। আমি প্রথমেই বড় একটা অর্ডার করি। আমার বিশ্বাস ছিল এর উপর। আমাকে নিরাশ করেনি। আমি সব গুলো আর্টিকেল সময়মত পেয়েছি এবং কোয়ালিটি এবং কনটেন্ট স্ট্রাকচার নিয়ে সন্তুষ্ট। বিশেষ করে মুনতাসির ভাইয়া কে ধন্যবাদ দিতে চাই। যখন ই কোন সমস্যায় পরেছি ভাইয়ার কাছ থেকে সমাধান পেয়েছি। চমৎকার একজন মানুষ। ভাইয়ার ভিডিও গুলা খুবই তথ্যবহুল। নতুনদের অবশ্যই দেখা উচিত। যারা এফিলিয়েট শুরু করবেন বা করেছেন তারা অনেক সিক্রেট কিছু জানতে পারবেন আমার বিশ্বাস। আমি এর সফলতা কামনা করছি।

Tareque Musa

Affiliate Marketer

Who is a beginner like me & looking for an article writer or agency , Also don’t want to waste your money or to be foolish, this is the right place for them!

Fai Yaz

Affiliate Marketer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can i place custom order?

Yes you can. Just knock me with your customer order details. Message me here:

Can i request for revision?

Yes you can. We’ll revise the articles until you are completely satisfied with it. 

will the articles be unique?

Of course. We check each and every article with CopyScape before delivering them to clients. We don’t deliver anything that isn’t 100% unique. 

how can I place order for articles?

Just visit our order page and follow the instructions!

Will there be any grammatical error in the article?

Before delivering the article, we check it with Grammarly along with a manual proofreading to ensure there isn’t any typo or grammatical error. 

what is your refund policy?

If you don’t like our article even after revision and want your money back, we’ll refund you. In that case, we’ll hold full ownership of the article and use that article on our own blog. 

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