General Guidelines

1. Do not make any paragraph larger than 3-4 lines. If it gets larger, just write in a new paragraph.

Have a look at the above picture. No paragraph is too long. Even a paragraph can consist of only one sentence if it makes sense.  

2. Must use the main keyword in the first paragraph and in the conclusion.

3. Must mention what will the readers learn from the article in the first para. 

Have a look at the above picture. The title is how long painted turtles live. The first paragraph of the article resonates with the title. The readers will understand this article will talk about how long painted turtles can live. 

4. Use the main keyword throughout the article naturally. Do not force it.

5. If there are any Secondary/LSI keywords, Use them naturally. 

6. Use bullet points, numbering etc. as much as possible.

7. Write in ‘Calibri’ font. You’ll find that in MS Word. The line spacing should be 1.5 

8. Keep the sub-heading’s size 16 and normal paragraph 12.

9. Try to write in short simple sentences that are easy to read. Do not write complex sentences unnecessarily. 

10. 9. After writing the article, check it with No need to follow every suggestion of Grammarly. Just correct the ones you think need correction.

11. Don’t use ; this punctuation mark. Instead of this use , or . as they fit. 

12. If you need to write a Step-by-Step guideline, follow this format: 

Here’s how the format looks: 

Step [number]: [Heading about the step]

13. If you need to write a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section, follow this format: 

Here’s how the format looks: 

Q. Question?